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im new!!

credit to newbie Laura for this!

Name: Naema
Age: 15
Location: VA
Favourite Julia Roberts film: Notting Hill
How many films have you seen with Julia in them: around 16
Why do you like Julia Roberts so much: Shes everything people aspire to be. happy, sweet and herself.i think she is such a good actress and role model for people to have!
What type of role do you like her in the best: Romantic comedies.notting hill is such a sweet movie because i love hugh grant too!hehe my favorite parts are where she says "happiness isn't happiness without violin playing goats." and the best ever:"i'm just a girl, standing in front of a guy, asking him to love her".oh and i also love STEPMOM and Mystic Pizza!!

okay loves you can add me and stuff!byeee
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